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October 18th, 2011

Orta Blu has teamed up with hip Los Angeles designers – Roark, to add a little cool and a lot of charisma to this season’s LA Market Week.

‘Don’t call it LA Fashion Week’ has been the war cry of the West Coast fashionista this season. Everyone seems careful not to create any comparisons between LA and the other major fashion cities around the world this time.

Orta, one of the world’s largest denim manufacturers and their collaborators, Roark, are too busy to worry about all that though. They have been creating ‘Orta Blu Gene’ jeans for Orta’s philanthropic wing – Orta Blu to use as gifts for those in need from around the world.

What’s especially nice about this is the low key way in which they’ve approached things. They quietly recycled old jeans and presented brand new denim jeans (and pizza) to homeless youth at Covenant House in Los Angeles and New York without having to turn the whole thing into some kind of circus. They’ve also been working around the world helping the displaced, homeless and refugees with just a little bit of comfort where and when it is most needed.

And so Orta Blu are hosting an event at Roark HQ, Downtown Los Angeles tonight to mark this collaboration with a bash that may quite possibly end up being one of the highlights of the entire week.

Preposterously cool Brooklyn band ‘She Keeps Bees’ are playing live (and the show is being live streamed on http://www.ortablu.org/) and then DJ maestros AJ English and Chris Holmes take the party on until midnight.

Sponsors include: Perrier Water, Veev Vodka, Silver Tequila and Heineken. We also heard that the caterers are bringing five chefs. I’m skipping lunch then.

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